RVC on 97.5 FM in Yaounde/Cameroon

Radio Voice of the Cross (RVC) is the Radio Ministry of C.M.F.I, with a Vision to bring the Gospel and doctrine of salvation in Jesus Christ to the greatest number of unsaved and saved people of all social classes.

What our Listeners Say

2014-12-10, 11:02
Praise GOD for this great inovation and step … read more
Kingsley Okafor
2016-12-09, 04:18
It has been wonderful hearing from the throne … read more
George Ngufor
2016-08-07, 11:23
Beloved Brethren of the Online team, … read more
Carine Tchoumbou
2014-12-07, 10:58
I am so grateful for the great opportunity of … read more
Francis Kaho
2014-12-12, 10:56
Merci infiniment frères pour cette … read more
Esther Zvobgo
2016-08-07, 12:17
I am so happy and grateful for this radio … read more
Nfor Edwin
2016-08-07, 12:15
I am listening to 40 days prayer crusade live … read more
Amelie damdja
2016-12-07, 02:18
je suis abondamment béni en vous … read more
Dr. Wuntcha
2016-08-07, 12:17
This is wonderfull breathren. I am just listening … read more
Christelle Tcheho
2016-08-07, 12:16
I am on the radio
it is top today
great work
Dr. Dickson Kanakulya
2016-08-07, 11:23
Dear Brethren, greetings in Jesus' name. I am … read more
Léopold Tafouo
2016-08-07, 12:16
Praise the Lord!, I'm in Cameroon. And I tune it … read more
Joshua Bamigbele
2016-08-07, 12:18
Hey bro, i am listening online now from my … read more
George Manfouo
2016-08-07, 10:29
Praise the Lord brother.
Congratulation for the … read more
Jacques-Eymard Nanghoudoum
2016-08-07, 10:42
I am very happy that The Lord has taken us to … read more
Ruth Donald
2016-12-06, 01:51
Thank you so much for making the … read more
Brother Magloire
2016-08-07, 11:21
I found no words to congratulate you brethren and … read more
2015-08-07, 11:22
This is thrilling and most welcome development in … read more
Dr pelyanu
2016-08-07, 11:22
Great work.
Listening from Houston, Texas and … read more
Tapiwa Jeka
2016-08-07, 12:13
Beloved, I have listened to the radio voice of … read more

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