Sur le mont Garizim

This is Saturday morning; the real first day of the week-end in Yaoundé. Listeners are supposed to have gone through relatively trying moments in their various offices or schools, for those who are students. To those who are a little bit indulgent, staying in bed late is just over or perhaps they are observing a break. It is 7:30 am! By tuning the radio transistor, the listener can hear the jingle of “Sur le mont Garizim”. His religious curiosity (if at all he has any) reminds him of Deuteronomy 11 : 29 and 27 : 12. We are on Mount Gerizim: that is exactly the place of blessing. And who would not like to be blessed!

It is first of all an enticing introduction, followed by carefully selected music. A quiz is suddenly introduced, followed by the marketing of our books and many prizes to be won. Each caller is allowed to bless some friends and acquaintances. Anyway, are we not “On Mount Gerizim?” The relaxation is even more interesting. The host announces that after 15 minutes, we shall move on to another dimension of blessings before coming back to our quiz of the day. And at this level, it would be the good news of the Kingdom wrapped in “Spring of Living Water” (Gospel Message). Then, we get back to the quiz followed by good music. We can thus serve a good teaching message through “Bread of Life” (a teaching message). And we round up with 10 minutes of quiz and the presentation of the winner of the day. We can then sign out, happy to know that the time of relaxation was beneficial.