Au Coeur Des Missions

While the devil is working hard to bring discouragement into the lives of God’s children by giving them the impression that nothing is moving, or by seeking to get them disillusioned about the possibility of accomplishing God’s worldwide goal (which is rather being faithfully accomplished), “Au Coeur des missions” is like a platform to refute the slander and the lies of the devil through testimonies of what God is currently doing in our various national and international mission fields. The Santa Cruz prophecy shall be read each time in order to properly refresh the memory of listeners on the context of testimonies that would follow it. By the grace of God, no listener (believer or unbeliever) shall remain indifferent in the face of the reality of the God of the Bible who is at work amongst men today. The former shall be motivated to step out and obey this message, which is still relevant today for the CMFI people in particular, while the latter would like to enter into a relationship with this strong and mighty God who still saves, heals and delivers today. The opportunity shall immediately be granted to them, in the programme, to come to the knowledge of the only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, through the slot “Spring of Living Water” (Gospel Message). In the slot “News about our Ministry,” we inform listeners about CMFI national and international news.