Les agneaux

Les agneaux”, is a programme for children (1-14 years), parents and ministers to children. This is a biblical approach to preaching the Gospel to children. What does God have in mind for children? What is the place of children in God’s eternal purpose? What are the traps that Satan sets all the time against children? How can Satan’s traps against the contemporary child be identified and how can we save our children from this perverse generation and how can a child experience the happiness and the joy of being a child after God’s heart in this world whose morals are constantly declining? Quite a number of issues and many others which deserve to be examined and resolved in 1 hour 30 minutes in “Les agneaux” through its enriching slots. Issues relating to finding God’s call on a child’s life and raising a child according to the heavenly blueprint shall be fully discussed in this programme. Model children shall be presented to them in order to channel their ambitions.

After an introduction and entry music, we shall either move on to a teaching message on children or we get resource persons to come live on the air to talk about specific aspects concerning children. After 15 minutes of discussions or teaching, there will be a musical interlude followed by “Spring of Living Water” (Gospel message) preferably a message preached to children. There will be a 15-minutes prayer retreat for children. Then we shall have the second part of the debate in the studio or the intervention of a resource person before concluding.