Glory train

This slot at the beginning of the afternoon is a crossroad for uplifting, wherein listeners would see the glory of the Kingdom fall. Through this other variety of an easily digestible presentation of the message, the unbeliever would effectively realize that true life is found only in Christ Jesus and would irresistibly turn to Him. That is at least what is expected of “30 minutes avec le chantre agréable d’Israël,” which aims at bringing listeners to Christ through psalms sung, an encouragement and a call to come to Jesus, the Saviour. It is once more during this air slot that revolutionary thoughts on various subjects of life would be presented, as well as tips to properly handle life practical issues. This segment shall be punctuated with a fine selection of soft music. What comes up after this is the time allocated for announcements and communiqués named “RVC Announcements” (5 minutes). The three slots presented above shall in reality be first courses and desserts to facilitate the digestion of the main course, which shall be served in “Spring of Living Water” (Gospel message) and “Coeur à cœur (Heart to Heart) » (reading of a Gospel tract in French).