L’heure Du Partage

This 2-hour slot aims at helping young disciples in particular (of course unbelievers will obviously have their own share) to go a step higher in their edification in the Kingdom of Christ through a series of slots centred on sharing, punctuated with easy-listening music. The slot “Blessing Corner” bestows its interactive nature on the programme, due to the fact that the lines are open to the public such that listeners may call, greet, bless and exhort each other within 17 minutes, under the keen supervision of the host in the studio.

In 20 minutes, the slot “Il est vivant” (He is alive) is dedicated to some heart-rending testimonies of conversion, deliverance or healing to back up the reality that God is alive today and that He deserves to be radically followed. There is also teaching for 20 minutes called “Bread of Life.” Then comes “Notes de lecture” (the Reader’s Notes) in 10 minutes, which is the sharing of readers’ experiences by resource persons in whose lives specific books written by Brother Zach left tangible marks. It is hoped that from such testimonies and presentations listeners will discover how to plug into the message of the book in order to experience it, without failing to see the need to purchase a copy.